EZ Go Booth Standard


EZ GO Vocal Booth "Standard Series"

Treat your room with one of our EZ Go Portable Vocal Booths, these units feature 2" acoustic foam, 1 1/2" of sound deadening material stuffed inside the walls (behind the foam) then fully fabricated on the back to give it a clean finish!  These units will cut out any annoying unwanted reverberations in your room that may leak into audio recordings, giving you a clean take every time!

What is included:
-(2) panels that stand 6' tall and are 2' wide (assembled dimensions)
-Hardware (brackets to hold panels together)
-Pins (to mount pre - assembled brackets together)
-Microphone Boom Arm Stand (mounts to one panel)

The Dual fold (Standard) is great for isolating vocals, guitars, amps, drums and even control rooms!  

Delivery Time & Estimated Turn Around:
-Call to see what colors are in stock!
-Normal processing / building time is 1-3 weeks (depends on what color you order)

If we have a color in stock at our warehouse, shipping will be within 2-3 business days!

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