EZ Go Booth PRO


EZ Go Booth Pro

Assembled width: 6'
Assembled height: 6'
Total weight: 96lbs

Our EZ Go Booth Pro is available in over 10 colors and is easier than ever to assemble!  All units come with a mountable boom arm for your microphone to hang from the panel, and a mounting stud for you to mount it onto any wall you wish.

Total pieces / panels: 6
Total legs: 6

Instructional DVD included for assembly!

Custom colors have an option to have trim molding on the backside of the unit, these are by request only so be sure to mention this if you want it added to the unit!

EZ GO Vocal Booth "Pro Series"

Treat your room with one of our EZ Go Portable Vocal Booths, these units feature 2" acoustic foam, 1 1/2" of sound deadening material stuffed inside the walls (behind the foam) then fully fabricated on the back to give it a clean finish!  These units will cut out any annoying unwanted reverberations in your room that may leak into audio recordings, giving you a clean take every time!

-Microphone Boom Arm Stand (mounts to one panel)
-Total pieces / panels: 6
-Total legs: 6
-Mounting hardware and screws
*Foam already applied to panels

How long until I get my EZ Booth?
-Turn around time is typically 3 weeks unless the foam you want is in stock on hand, then it is 2-3 days.

Actual size:
22" x 46" (panel) each panel has 2 legs that are mounted into the panel so it can stand, these legs are 27".  Assembled size will be just over 6' tall!

Questions - contact our sales department:
[email protected]