Frequently Asked Questions:

On this page we will display our most commonly asked questions and answers to each, if you cannot find any help on this page please send us an email to [email protected] and our team will get in touch with you with an answer!

Where is QC Acoustics located?

QCAcoustics are located on the west coast, our main distribution warehouse is located in Reno NV but we have plans to expand and open another on the east coast.

Do you Ship Worldwide?

YES!  Worldwide shipping is available, if you are located in another country prices for freight shipping can get quite expensive so a customized quote will be needed to get you the right price.  We deliver ourselves to select areas in the US if you prefer us to come to your doorstep.

How much sound gets blocked out?

Our vocal booths are designed to block out noise and sound vibrations, our average DB reduction is aroun 68DB!  This is a great increase for us and we improve our units each month as our designers are constantly working on better products!  Our competitors are below our DB reduction and also are not as competitive with pricing!

How much do your vocal booths weigh?

We have many different models and designs fit for everyone's budget.  All booths vary in weight as the sizes change and the builds change.  Our average 4x4x7 vocal booth will weigh roughly 400-600lbs depending on the type of door and other accessories.

Do you have ventilation systems?

Yes!  Our ventilation systems are an upgrade. if you need only that unit, we sell them separately and with vocal booths (if you choose this option).  Our ventilation systems will have dual fans, one to blow fresh air into the booth, and one to get rid of the hot air inside the booth.  These are NOT air conditioners, only ventilation systems, if the outside area of the booth is very warm, then warm air will get blown into the booth.

Why do you need my budget for a quote?

We ask of a budget simply to build a booth custom fit for you.  You select options you want and it is our job to find a design of ours that is fit to your needs.  If you have a low budget, our main focus will be blocking outside noise vibrations, with lower budgets you'll notice things like custom door stops, glass windows, custom paint (interior and exterior) won't be done unless it is in your budget.  Our base prices we advertise are complete booths and detailed on every corner, if you have a lower budget you lose add ons such as windows etc.

Do you offer Plexi Glass?

No, all our glass doors and windows are double pane windows.  They serve great for our isolation booths.  We do not suggest a glass door AND side window, it is best to choose 1 over the other.

How long does it take to assemble one of your booths?

Assembly time can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, we have 3 different booth styles and builds all vary in assembly time.  To get a better idea, contact our team with your budget and booth needs for more details.

Do you offer refunds?

We can offer partial refunds depending on where we are on the build process, items ordered that need restocking and any other fees associated.  It is best to fully commit to your purchase and do as much research before committing to buy a unit as we do not have a return policy, once order has started customization (72 hours after purchase) we can no longer offer a refund, all sales are final.

What are your payment policies?

$4,000 & Under we require 100% payment up front

$4,000 - $8,000 we require 75% payment up front & 25% due upon shipment being booked

$8,000 - $20,000 we require 75% payment up front, 50% upon shipment being booked OR 25% and net 30 on remaining 25%


Please contact our team in regards to our payments if you have questions.  Orders over $20,000 have options to be paid 50/50.

Do your booths have a warranty?

Everything manufactured by QCAcoustics will include a 5 YEAR warranty.  Items / accessories such as lighting, vent fans, door knobs, glass, wheels all come with a 3 year warranty.  We stand by our hand made booths and can guarantee they will not simply fall apart after being transported or broken down.  They are built to last a long time!