All our units are 2 1/2" in wall thickness BEFORE acoustic foam treatment is added!  Our competitors will charge THOUSANDS to make their walls as thick as ours.  From here, you can upgrade the walls furthermore.  Customizing your booth is our specialty, all units are hand made and are all different!  Choose over 12 acoustic foam colors, unlimited options for exterior fabric, 3 choices of doors, option for door colors, side windows and more!  


QC Acoustics is a team of audio engineers, carpenters and musicians.  We know our stuff and can help you get the booth you need.



QC Acoustics provide high quality, portable vocal isolation booth solutions for small studios, home studios and even large scale studios!  We don't just provide acoustically treated rooms, we also provide acoustic foam, bass panels and acoustic products.


We offer standard made models for vocal booths as well as fully customized units for those needing something with more color, style or size.  Custom units will need a quote from our sales team.


Assembly of our vocal isolation rooms are simple, you will get your booth broken down into panels (panels are already built, fabricated) you will then set them on the floor/base of the booth and attach the walls to one another using the screws we provide.  All you need is a hammer, screwdriver/drill and a friend and within 1 hour you will have a vocal booth assembled and ready for recording!


Ventilation systems are an option as well, and will definitely ventilate your booth so that you can be in the unit for longer periods of times comfortably.  Since our booths are air tight we still reccomend that you don't trap yourself in one for more then 6 hours at a time, doing so may result in dizziness.


Our company is a family owned and operated company in Reno, NV (USA) founded and managed by 2 brothers formed in 2012.  We appreciate those who choose to shop with us over companies based outside the US as we support local business as well!  


Who we are...


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250 HZ   |   48DB

500HZ    |   52DB

1000HZ  |   58DB

2000HZ  |  64DB

4000HZ  |  69DB


Most common application:

Telemarketing phone booth, voice over / animation studios and instrument recording.

DB Reduction can be higher with acoustic foam and a solid door (no glass) you will see an increase of 7-15 DB of reduction.